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Removing Wax Melts...

Once you have enjoyed your Sassy & Lolla melts & you can no longer smell the wonderful scent, its time to change to a new one. There are a couple of ways you can remove the wax from your warmer...

  • Whilst the wax is still molten, pour it into a small bag/pot. PLEASE don't pour it into a drain. Not only will it block your drain, its also not a good idea to add more wax/fats to our already struggling water drainage system. Once you have poured the wax away, you can simply wipe the remainder with some kitchen towel & you are ready for your next one.

  • Another way to clear the molten wax is to place some cotton wool into the wax, which will soak it up & then you can wipe the burner clean.

  • If the wax is cold, you may be able to push the wax out (depending on your warmer), or you may need to run the warmer under some hot water to soften the wax & then slide it out.

  • Another way would be to light a new tea light in your warmer & wait a few seconds for the wax to melt a little so its soft enough to remove

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