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    When you first light your Sassy & Lolla candle, keep it lit for 2 - 3 hours until the top is fully melted. Always burn your candle for a minimum of 2 hours, to help your candle burn evenly. Wooden wicks are occasionally temperamental to light. Using a proper candle lighter will make the process easier! Keep the flame on the wick for a few seconds or until it is lit all the way along it. Your wooden wick will not have an enormous flame, but will gently flicker & soak up the sunflower wax as it burns. Sassy & Lolla candles are made from 100% natural sunflower wax & when you come to relight it, it may be beautifully wonky on the top. This is nothing to worry about & is a normal characteristic of pure wax. The look of your candle won't affect it's performance, but dont be too mean or it might get a complex! Please take care when burning your candle! Place it on a level, heat-proof surface & don't light it if the glass is damaged. Never leave a lit candle unattended!
    We recommend using 1 melt, or 1/4 of a bar & a 4 hour tealight - our melts are made from a rapeseed & coconut wax blend meaning that they last longer than most. Enjoy your melts at least twice, or until you can't smell them anymore. Allow the wax to melt completely to enjoy the full aroma. Sassy & Lolla melts can be used in a traditional tealight burner or in an electric burner. Keep melts away from children & pets! DO NOT EAT the melts!
    We recommend placing your diffuser on a styling plate, coaster or mat. Do not place directly onto polished or painted surfaces. Wipe any spillages immediately as the oil can damage some surfaces. Allow up to 48 hours for the oil to fully soak into the reeds & release the aroma. For a strong scent, turn the reeds every 2-3 days, for a more subtle scent, turn them less frequently.
    Sassy & Lolla Car Diffusers come with a felt pad & a 5ml bottle of your chosen fragrance oil. To use, simply unhinge the diffuser & drop a few drops of oil onto the felt pad. Close the diffuser & clip onto your air vent. Obviously depending on how fast the air flows through your vent, depends on how often you will need to replenish the oil in diffuser. Do not soak the pad with the fragrance oil as this may damage surfaces or clothing. Ensure the lid is tightened correctly on the oil bottle to ensure it doesn't leak.
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