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Sassy & Lolla....

They say you need plans, budgets, structure & vast funding to start a business.... we think all you need is two best friends, many Gin & Tonics, the ability to remember in the morning & a passion to make something fabulous grow!

And here we are; we are Sara & Holly, and you will get to know us better as Sassy & Lolla

Our story may be a familiar one, but we are anything but ordinary.  Combining a love for incredible fragrances with a love for all things Sussex, add in our passion to produce eco-friendly, plastic free products, & you end up with the Sassy & Lolla range


We love to be a little different and you will always find us laughing.  We wanted this to come across in our products for you to love as much as we do

Choosing natural ingredients was a perfect option for us as each one turns out a little different; marbling on our wax melts or dimples in burned candles.  Each one unique

There is no better feeling than lighting a candle at the end of a long day, favourite tipple in hand, allowing your stress & worry to dissipate or to strike the match & enjoy some gorgeous smelling time with your bestie

We hope that whenever you use our products they allow you to destress, love & maybe even encourage a little laughter between friends

S & L xx

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